12 Scenes x 1 take

Google/YouTube - The 12 Scenes of Christmas

This was a whirl-wind of a video created for the Google lab channel Fieldday, a platform that pairs experimental ideas with YouTube talent for fun and innovative story telling. This video features actress and comedian Hazel Hayes, reenacting 12 iconic Christmas movie scenes in just 1 take. In this 3 minute one-take video, people, props and lighting changes come into frame to recreate a number of iconic moments's from famous Christmas movies. It's a clever feat of blocking, costuming, lighting and insanely precise choreography from actors and crew. 

Featuring Hazel Hayes
Jeffrey Ryan and Gill Newman

Directed by Anaïs La Rocca
Creative Directed by Anaïs La Rocca & Hazel Hayes
Photography by Carlos Garcia De Dios
Assistant Director,  Jonathan Betzler
Produced by Matthew Snetzko
Production Design by Kyle Sauer
Art Direction by Kathryn Brylinsky
Titles by Delcan & Co.A Film by Field Day

No editing needed. Done in one 3 minute take.