CLIENT: Cartier



Like Jacques Cartier on his inspiring trip to the Middle East in the early 1900’s, artist M.C Escher was profoundly influenced by the intricate interlocking geometry and decorative patterns found in the region's art and architecture.

He became obsessed with tessellation: geometric decoration in which triangles, stars, or squares are repeated like tiles to cover a plane. Through this fascination, he developed his famous series entitled Metamorphosis – transformative artworks rooted in the themes of eternity and perpetuity, designed to delight.

Using this idea as a starting point, we developed and produced a concept for the Ramadan 2019 campaign for Cartier, Middle East. We shot plates at the beautiful Mahkama Du Pacha palace, in Casablanca, then developed the language of metamorphosis that transformed details of the palace into precious Cartier designs, and gemstones.

Director: Anaïs La Rocca & Ben Smith
Animation: The Mill
Director of Photography: Adam Carboni
Hair and Makeup: Anastasia Durasova