Move Me


These three trailers promoted the Move Me Exhibit by featuring different original artworks, each concepted, developed and fabricated by The Mill. They explored creative possibilities through the collision of humans and technology.



Neon Knights is a two player cooperative Augmented Reality music game, that pits you against cosmic forces trying to thwart your awesome journey through multiple dimensions to spread sexy peace across the universe. 



See Sound is a generative artwork experience that creates sound sculptures based on the human voice. The Mill collaborated with Harry Yeff, better known by his stage name Reeps One,  a prize-winning beatboxer to bring this piece of innovative artwork to life. Reeps used a microphone to trigger different visual behaviors within the music visualizer based on experimentation, creating  bespoke sound sculpture using only his voice.



Mimetics is a gesturally responsive robotic installation that made up one of the six exhibits at Move Me - The Mill’s one-day event of art and technology hosted in New York. Spearheaded by Creative Engineer Noel Drew, Mimetics employs four robots equipped with marker pens that draw on a large sheet of set paper. Within the confines of the paper’s frame, they can whiz around and create art unassisted, but also be gesturally controlled by the crown using Motion Leap sensors. The final result; a crowd-sourced collaborative mural and historical record of interaction.