Move Me

Move Me Short Film Series


This short documentary film series showcases four art installations
that explore creativity and storytelling through the collision of humans and technology. The films incorporate VR, AR, robotics, biometrics, game engines and data visualization, conceived and developed by Mill artists. 


See Sound with Reeps One

Harry Yeff better known by his stage name Reeps One, is a prize-winning beatboxer. In this short film, we follow Reeps as he creates live visual art by beatboxing. Using his voice to construct 3D totems that are 3D printed as sound sculptures, he creates the first ever physical sculptures out of pure voice and human sound. 


Neon Knights

This short film showcases the Neon Knights Augmented Reality Experience: Two users take on the mantle of the galaxy’s most badass synth wave band, The Neon Knights. Equipped with enhanced psychovisual amplification visors, the Hololens, and using a keytar they remix and trigger elements of their biggest hit: Tears of Chronos. Their performance triggers environmental animations and a few additional interactive “widgets” which allow them to explore the space and trigger new visual and audio systems.



This short film follows the Pop Llama for a night of digital vupeteered performance. Using The Mill’s Cyclops and technologies, Pop Llama lives her life in a hyperbolic spin on a karaoke room. Singing  ultra saccharine girl pop, this digital character can be puppeteered by anyone to sing anything.  




This short film captures the story of Mimetics, an interpretive data artwork and team of small rolling robots that paint and draw. Human intervention can change and inform their behavior, making it the first case of robot and human created fine art.